Tree Sap

    • Becomes glue on car painting
    • Glue spreads to make problem worst
    • Car paint will tear off


    • Bug and tar remover
    • Mineral spirits
    • Magic clay from CarBuddy
    • Coating or wax to act as protectant

Unprofessional Car wash

    • Dirts and grit attached to sponge will create scratches and swirl mark


    • Prevent using sponge
    • E-wash at CarBuddy will do the job

Water from sprinklers

    • Will form water mark on car paint
    • The minerals in the water is very hard to remove


    • Prevent parking nearby the sprinkler
    • Polish/ watermark remover

Bird Dropping

    • Leaves unpleasant stain on car paint
    • Acidic and undigested substances will damage car paint.


    • Wash dropping as soon as possible
    • Visit Carbuddy for best results


    • Acidic bugs juice will damage the car paint.
    • Blocking driver’s view on the windscreen


    • Clean the bugs as soon as possible
    • Have car wash immediately to prevent bug juices from eating car paint.


    • Cause damage to car paint
    • Hard to remove if left alone for too long


    • Wipe off with microfiber cloth immediately
    • Visit CarBuddy for stain removing services.