6 Reasons why automobile detailing is good for business starters

These days it is difficult to live without a car, so the need of automobiles is increasing by each passing day. It may also depend on your city, there might be more privileged class people that are in need of automobiles. In this modern era, it is easier to go office by using own car rather than using a public transport. This situation makes automobile servicing chain on of the fastest growing business in the market.

Low Entry Cost

There is low entry cost in this business, all you need is some training and hard work to succeed. In terms of tool, you will need some hardware and basic supplies to kick start your new business. The recurring cost will only be restocking supplies, which will lead to benefits. Car industry is growing each year, so the car detailing business is also set to grow by 1.4% margin from 2015 to 2018.

Low investment and more profit

Business expenses are low and the profit margin is high. Customers who come for auto detailing pay handsome amount, means more money with only one time investment. What you have invested will come back, and you will be turning into a profitable business.


You can easily pay initial expenses because they are low, the next thing for you to do is go up. The best thing about car detailing business is that, you can scale your business anytime. If you are making enough profit, you can expend from small vehicles to big.

Add more services anytime

Once you have started car detailing service you can always add more services into your business. If your business has started to increase, you can add dent repair, windshield repair, car graphics, and many other services to make your business bigger.

High demand


When a car runs, it gets dings, scratches, and vehicle deteriorates. Since car detailing can get rid of these problems, this business is always in demand. It is also estimated that most car owners go for detailing rather than replacing car parts. You will be shocked to know that car detailing business make more than $8 billion per year.

More customers

The most important reason to start car business is repeated customers. Once a customer is satisfied with what you have offered that customer will return to you for sure. In most of the new businesses, it is difficult to find new customers, but in car detailing you don’t have to find customers, instead customers will come to you. All you need is a good point to start your business and you will be seeing pool of customers.

Despite having so many profits, not a single company is dominant. Car detailing isn’t like other businesses where reputation is the only thing you need. If you can offer good service, you can make as much profit as you can. If you are thinking to start a business, there couldn’t be any better than car detailing