5 reasons why you should keep your car clean

­­Washing your car regularly will yield a higher resale value

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You may not be considering it now, but your car will resell for a lot more if you take constant care of it while you own it. You’ll have to trust us on this. It’s pretty obvious that when someone is selling an old vehicle that they went for a 8 bucks car wash a few days ago for the first time in three years!

Cleaning and taking good care of your car on a constant basis will maximizes its value and gives you a stronger resale value when you decide to sell it.

It saves a lot on your paint job.

Your factory paint job will stay shiny only if you maintain it. Unfortunately, plenty of people purchase their car and forget to keep it up with the chores of washing and waxing it. Over time, this lack of attention can wreak havoc on your exterior, causing the paint to dull and fade away and eventually chip off.

It says a lot about you.

It’s a pride thing. You want to look cool when you’re picking up your girlfriend out for a date. Even if that’s not how you ride, you can still tell a lot about someone by how his or her car looks. Even people who drive astoundingly old cars that can barely stutter forward at a stoplight can still look clean in an old, beat up kind of a way. And this goes for the inside as much as the outside.

It eliminates the need for costly repairs down the road.

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You may be more persuaded to spend money on the engine issues than the interior and exterior aesthetic problems, but if the stains and scratches aren’t well taken care of, they can significantly increase the cost of repair later on. Especially on the car’s exterior which is constantly being worn out due to the bird poops, other elements UV rays, and even that bug guts with acid content that will peel your paint over time. Washing your car on a regular basis can avoid this issue, so you will not need to purchase expensive pain job, or reupholsters your seats even to replace the floor materials.

It keeps your from thinking about buying a new car.

If you don’t take care of your car like how you take care of your wife, you will start looking at others, newer cars and wishing you had them instead of your old and dirty ones. This line of thinking doesn’t stand a chance when you have your car clean and tidy at all times. Your caL can be as old ad hell but still maintain a sheen that makes the new car jealous.

Caring for your car also means that you start thinking about it as an assets rather than just a tool. There’s a big difference here between these two words. Taking the time to clean your car means you learn to respect it more. It will eventually become the assets that you are proud of.